Saturday, January 29, 2011

Algorithm and Flowchart

To cope with a problem we need to make a better plan which will be convinent and easy to solve that particular problem. It is not that we cannot tackle with that problen but the thing is that we may not be successful. So, in computer programming  too we need to plan before designing any problem. Algorithm and flowchart are the two basic terms which aids for the development  of a software package conveniently.
An algorithm is a step wise set of finite instructions written to solve a problem. It will be easier to code a program after we can have well prepared algorithm and flowchart. An algorithm is written on simple language and must be efficient and limited  to finite number of steps.
Flowchart is the diagrammatic representation of an algorithm with the help of symbols carryig certain meaning. Using flowchart, we can easily understand a porogram. Flowchart is not language specific. We can use the same  flowchart to code a program using different programming languages. Though desingning a flowchart helps the coding easier, the designing of flowchart is not a simple task and is time consuming.


  1. How to check for errors in an algorithm?

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  3. how can we easily understand algorithm? is there any pattern or technique that can be use to solve some problems?

    1. For understanding the algorithm, you have to know about what the algorithm is about

  4. i have many problems in algorithm and flowchart,i always get low marks .Could you please give me a simple way to understand would be a great pleasure

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  9. Thanks for sharing! This is very helpful. I have a better understanding of algorithms and flowcharts now. Usually I use Edraw( google drawings to help me create a folwchart. Thanks again! Great work!